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The Ugandan President Honourable Museveni visiting the Sickel cell education tent with Ashiraf. The available data, compiled in the early 1970’s, shows that trait frequency in Uganda is 20% of the population. That is, sixty six million people are at a risk of having a child with sickle cell disease.It is estimated that 33,000 babies are born each year with the disease of whom 80% die before celebrating their fifth birthday.The Bamba people

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Launch of ICT Innovation Lab Westland’s Primary

Launch of ICT Innovation Lab Westland’s Primary

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Launch of what’s app sickle cell warrior support group

Gathering held in Nairobi where we celebrated mass and then had tea with friends. We launched a what’s app sickle cell warrior support group that day. The group is to streamline communication and create a support network that engages in education and creates a community that furthers the conversation surrounding sickle cell.The event was an opportunity of remembrance as well as updating the group of friends of the advancement the foundation

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Feed a Warrior.

In Busia we are continuing with our Feed A Warrior project. The first phase was wonderful there has been behaviour change and the way people look at sickle cell as a society. Previously no one wanted to mention about sickle cell in their families but now we have had 3 families who claim that their children have sickle cell yet they have celebral palsy because they have seen families with sickle cell children benefiting from our project. One mo

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Charities Commission training

Charities commission training on operating in high risk areas internationally. How to identify and manage risks, handle money safely and protect your staff and beneficiaries if your charity works overseas.

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First anniversary of our sickle cell clinic

Today was a happy day for all of us, we celebrated the first anniversary of our sickle cell clinic which has 536 registered members. Dr Ojiambo addressed the District Council of the district where the clinic is situated about the role they need to play in this cause. We are grateful and thankful to Ashiraf for all his grassroot work, creating hope

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The Peter Ojiambo Foundation Young Leaders Cup Program.

The Peter Ojiambo Foundation Young Leaders Cup Program. Location has been changed to Heidi Marie primary school Time Activity 10.00 All Guests seated 12.30 pm – 1pm. Speech from Amos and Josh 3pm-3.15pm- Vivian Akinyi 3.15pm-3.30pm Christine Oder CYPN 3.30pm-3.45pm Joseph Wangendo- Blood Link 4pm-4.15pm- Steve Gitu-Friends of Peter 4.15pm-4.30pm- Mikey/VJ1 Diaspora Friend. 4.30pm-5.00pm- Dr. DSG Josephine Ojiambo 5.00pm-5.15pm- Faith Nafula

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Remembrance at the Eshtaol Nature Preserve, The Presidents Forest Israel

Peters Mum visit to Jerusalem this month to officiate at the commencement of the 42 year of graduands of the School of Public health, her alma mater. While there she had the privilege to visit the site in the Eshtaol nature reserve, The President’s forest where 10 trees were planted by Israeli Diplomats including Yahav Lichner from the UN New York to honour Peter ”s life and legacy in 2016.

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Sum of a Mans Thoughts

If we were to determine the sum of a mans thought we would be able to define his character. In our daily lives, we face challenges and obstacles. Our state of mind governs how we achieve growth and success both within ourselves and peers. “To become successful we must reach the edge of our capacity and exceed it by a step”, this is normally a threatening prospect we as beings’ face, when our abilities have been challenged beyond our comfort

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Celebrating world sickle cell day

Celebrating world sickle cell day June 19th 2019

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Celebrating World Sickle Cell Day June 19th 2019

Celebrating World Sickle Cell Day June 19th 2019

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Working with the disabled

The Peter Ojiambo Foundation is empowering its associates to work with and empower persons living with disabilities ( or those people who are differently able). POF is working with a well-celebrated musician Amos Wambua to create awareness on and empower Persons with Disabilities. Amos recently visited Kitui School of the Mentally Handicapped and the Autism unit there.

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Living during a global pandemic is one interesting movie-like experience. However, living with a chronic condition during a pandemic really magnifies health challenges that you have been somewhat quietly dealing with. It puts you under a microscope of careful, worrisome thoughts and concerns.

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