Working with the disabled

25 Jul 2019, 12:07:00 am

The Peter Ojiambo Foundation is empowering its associates to work with and empower persons living with disabilities ( or those people who are differently able). POF is working with a well-celebrated musician Amos Wambua to create awareness on and empower Persons with Disabilities. Amos recently visited Kitui School of the Mentally Handicapped and the Autism unit there. We had an amazing time with the Kids from Kitui School for the Mentally Handicapped and Autism Unit. We hosted 60 kids and 10 teachers.
The kids had time to play and also ate very good food that we had prepared by Kitui Premiere Resort Hotel. For the kids it was their first time on a bouncing castle and swings, they had never been to a hotel before because hardly do they leave school for anything. We were overjoyed by their expressions. They also had a few presentations, which were both heartwarming and impressive, especially the things they had made.
We had a few speeches from the deputy headteacher, to the Youth Leader Kitui County Agreyi Nzomo, The KU Kitui Student leader Brian, The Teacher representative from Kitui High School and A Disabled student from Kitui High School. We also spoke on what we are about and gave the school KSMHAU the gifts we and our partners brought for them. It was a blessing