The Peter Ojiambo Foundation Young Leaders Cup Program.

31 Dec 2018, 02:12:16 pm

Time Activity

10.00 All Guests seated

12.30 pm – 1pm. Speech from Amos and Josh

3pm-3.15pm- Vivian Akinyi
3.15pm-3.30pm Christine Oder CYPN
3.30pm-3.45pm Joseph Wangendo- Blood Link
4pm-4.15pm- Steve Gitu-Friends of Peter
4.15pm-4.30pm- Mikey/VJ1 Diaspora Friend.
4.30pm-5.00pm- Dr. DSG Josephine Ojiambo
5.00pm-5.15pm- Faith Nafula Chief Guest
5.15pm-6.00pm- Awarding of Teams. The winners will speak.