Remembrance at the Eshtaol Nature Preserve, The Presidents Forest Israel

31 Dec 2018, 02:12:23 pm

Peters Mum visit to Jerusalem this month to officiate at the commencement of the 42 year of graduands of the School of Public health, her alma mater. While there she had the privilege to visit the site in the Eshtaol nature reserve, The President’s forest where 10 trees were planted by Israeli Diplomats including Yahav Lichner from the UN New York to honour Peter ”s life and legacy in 2016.


A small but poignant ceremony was held at the forest site where Peter ‘s Mum was joined by the Warden, Andy from the Jewish national fund, Shira from Haifa and Anne who runs a project in Turkana. Andy led a reflection on Peter’s life while the team stood at a poster display of key moments in Peter’s life. The warden spike about the Global effort to plant trees and Israel’s effort and achievement to date. He explained how the seedling us prepared and how to plant it. Then at the site where the tree would be planted Shira and Peter’s Mum read the Planter’s prayer and Andy read a blessing.

Peter’s Mum planted the tree and spoke words of blessing as she did so: unity, peace and life globally and spiritually linking us to the blessings of the life and legacy of our dearly loved Peter.

After the tree planting the team talked about collaborative ventures in leadership, youth development, support to special needs over a breakfast of fruit, juice and croissants.